Daily devotion and prayer that aim to minister in the families of the member of Believers Heart in Mission Church in the Philippines. Exercising and unity and fellowship together with family and friends to draw near to God share the Gospel of Salvation and pray as one family.

everyday has different topic and sometimes including theme studies that will help to nurture the spiritual. during the devotion if the question is related to the sermon and to clarify thoughts will be answered by pastor.

Prayer Concerns:

  • Pray for Stopping COVID19 and the right solution for medicine with God’s will & wisdom.
  • Pray for the Philippines from the President Rodrigo R. Duterte. and all elected leaders of the Country.
  • Pray for the Front-liners for protection and supply needed, comfort for the family of those who pass away and recovery for those who had been infected.
  • Pray for Healing and fast recovery.
  • Pray for relationships in the family.
  • Pray for jobs to those who lose their jobs.
  • Special Prayer Request.
  • Pray for partners in the ministry Elysian Christian Church, FOBCOC.
  • Pray for the Ministry of Believers Heart in Mission Church.
  • Pray for the needs of Believers Heart in Mission Church.
  • Pray for Ptr. Ruemel G. Calucin & Family

We pray together and grow together in the knowledge of God through His words daily to share the Gospel in our Family.

For personal matters or confidential prayer request and counseling you can contact

Ptr. Ruemel G. Calucin.

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