Bible Love Enthronement Social Service


Ministry that organised training’s for Biblical studies and any Spiritual training that can help grow and make disciples

Ministry in Evangelism sharing the love of God, giving tracts and special beads that explains the good news of salvation. Baptism and memberships are scheduled for those who are willing and it also supports physical needs like foods and refreshments.

Ministry that organised worship service including choir, praise team, offertory numbers and programs that worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ

Social & Service
Ministry that organised fellowships birthday’s, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, singles and outdoor fellowship supports the Mission ministry and benevolence.


Helping small churches not affiliated in any other big church in the Philippines, giving support to their physical and spiritual needs to encourage them to continue in serving our Lord Jesus Christ

Church Planting
Starting a bible study to the places where the members of BHMC is located in the Philippines as they decided to for-good and willing to be used by our Lord.

Cluster Planting
Starting a bible studies here in Hong Kong where the locations the members to exercise the discipleship training’s and make disciples as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ

AIRPORT MINISTRY the airport ministry is where we welcome the new comers from Philippines to work here in Hong Kong pray for them, give them free sim-card, and counseling before they start to work in their employers households.

Pastor and selective leaders can participate and represents the BHMC in a fellowship and mission here in Hong Kong and abroad

MINISTRY Partnership
BHMC is direct partnership with Elysian Christian Church under Ptr. Ariel V. Agustin and partnership in missions with FOBCOB under Bishop Junaver Luklukan.

ONLINE MINISTRY Aims to reach-out the family of the members of BHMC by sharing the gospel in any platforms in social media.

Ptr. Ruemel G. Calucin organised the mission ministry of BHMC as access and time and God’s leading. as the name itself heart in mission the church prioritized mission.

Serving the Lord with all that He has given to us.