Prayer Family Chain

Daily devotion and prayer that aim to minister in the families of the member of Believers Heart in Mission Church in the Philippines. Exercising and unity and fellowship together with family and friends to draw near to God share the Gospel of Salvation and pray as one family. everyday has different topic and sometimes including … Continue reading Prayer Family Chain

Kape at Tinapay ng Buhay

Kape at Tinapay ng Buhay is an informative devotional studies that shares the stand in Spiritual, doctrinal, and practical to follow the examples of Jesus Christ. All of the stands in Spiritual, doctrinal, and practical are shared for informative intentions only not to debate or discriminate other religion, denomination but to only to share the … Continue reading Kape at Tinapay ng Buhay

The Pastor’s Heart

Good day to everyone as a pastor of BHMC I would like to share to you the leading of our Lord Jesus Christ as we face this Pandemic, trials & temptation in life. I pray that while you are reading this, the Lord will give His wisdom to you to understand the deep meaning of … Continue reading The Pastor’s Heart

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